Measure service - not indicators.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Measuring service has been one of the hardest things to get to grips with in the IT world, we usually measure our infrastructure and use that to predict how well we will do, or calculate the number of times we failed. Neither of these techniques really delivers what we need: an understanding on how well IT delivered to the business needs, not IT's definition of business needs.

It was this this challenge that I believe the people at IT-SVM have managed to go a long way in solving, they have a good method put together for gathering what those business needs are, plotting the importance of those needs, and then plotting the actual service delivered.

The benefits of this seem to be threefold:
  1. Plotting the importance of a business process from the horses mouth (so to speak)
  2. Plotting the actual service delivery
  3. Getting in front of the business and asking them the questions they want to tell you to solve!
I have only been on the intro course and it was well worth the value, I would heartily recommend it to anyone (re)embarking on an \ITSM journey.

NB I am not paid for this review, I was just a happy and impressed customer.


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