Whats more important in a tool?

Friday, 13 November 2009

A little battle broke out on linked-in today around recommendations BMC v. Service-now, and though a lot of this was vendors fighting their own corners it did raise an interesting question:

What is more important "compliance" with the OGC or even Pinkverify or a tool that you really want to use on a daily basis?

I do think it's important that when buying some new software that says its going to help[ you with your itil based processes that it does exactly that.

But that really is just a first hurdle, and to be honest most of the tools on the market are so flexible that you could make them into what ever you wanted, I have had experience that none of the vendors will ever say tat their tool cannot do something.

It is my personal belief that usability, upgradeability and functionality are the most important features of any tool, and that ITIL "compliance" is lip-service at best.

In fact, I would be skeptical of anyone who even uses the term "ITIL Compliant", ITIL is not a standard, it is a set of books that lay out a possible way of managing your IT organisation.

With that all said, whether you need that tool in the first place is probably a better question.


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