How Complex does this need to be?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

So.... ITIL has 5 main books covering 27ish "processes", CobiT has 34 processes some of which overlap providing a governance structure of what should be being done, with ITIL explaining (somewhat) how. ISO 20000 details more standards that completely overlap with ITIL and CobiT. LINK

None of these three really cover project management, and nowhere that I can see is there a real prescription for how to manage IT technology or Organisational structure.

It is somewhat of a theme on this blog that this stuff can't be this difficult... is running an IT department really this complex?

What are we really trying to achieve?

All the frameworks call it different stuff but basically we do the following:

  1. Plan our future
  2. Design stuff to get us there
  3. Build what was designed
  4. Support what was built
  5. Report on our success and improve. (I may consider this part of support but it matters little)

Now when I read through all of the 34 processes that are detailed in CobiT I actually agree that they are all valuable, so this post isn't really a comment that CobiT or ITIL are wrong.

Maybe it does have to be this complex, maybe this complexity is real, and what we need is more professionalism in the field of IT management to control all these moving parts.

I would be interested in hearing any opinions and in the mean time I will be out there looking for the dummies guide to building a world class IT organisation, let me know if you have written one.


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