The right amount of maturity

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Youth is wasted on the young.-George Bernard Shaw

I was reminded of this fact today as I overheard a couple of young people calling each other "immature".

Immaturity is an insult, and certainly it's portrayed as a negative in most "maturity assessments", but how much maturity is good for you?

I have no answer to this, as a constant theme in this blog: you need to answer this for yourself, but this should provide a couple of thoughts:

People get more inflexible with time and so does a mature business process, this is great for providing consistent quality, but the world is not remaining constant, your mature process can become elderly very quickly.

Keep this in mind: one person's mature is another person's "past it", to remain youthful and vigorous a little risk can be a good thing!

The IT Skeptic has a longer post about this, also maybe not perfect but thoughtful none the less.


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